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Welcome to my website and I am an Intuitive Fengshui Master with the ability to sense energy in the environment and in people. Fenghsui is derived from the principals of I-Ching,  which was written by one of my ancestors around 1000 BC . Feng means wind and Shui means water and both elements represent the flow of energy where the Chinese call it Qi – the vital life force. Initially, fengshui was used to locate the best burial ground for ancestors because Chinese people believe their ancestral spirits will watch over for them forever, therefore their burial ground needed to be the most auspicious place on earth. Later it extended into the home and living space. The goal of Feng Shui is to balance the energy where the Qi flows smoothly without stagnation, in order for any living being to prosper and succeed

It was my calling to practice fengshui.  My experiences, abilities, spiritual knowledge, and practices enable me to assist and help many people shift blocked or stagnated energy into balance and transformation, whether it is for an individual, home or business. I provide service locally in San Diego, but offer worldwide service online or in-person with extra traveling cost.   Check out my services or call: (858) 692-8282 to book an appointment.  

Home Fengshui Service


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Your home energy effects your wellbeing in term of prosperity, marriage, relationships, fame, wealth, knowledge, health and success. If you have any issues in these area, please book a home service with me and together we can shift and change the blocked energies. 

If you buy the service through this link you get a 15% discount of the normal price.

Spiritual Cleaning & Healing


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 Assist you clear and transform your negative karma, emotional and spiritual suffering into wisdom and love, built a better relationship, live a much fulfilled and prosperous life. 


这是一个非常奇妙的经验!我一直有一种亏欠的心情无法解脱,那天与你一次交谈过后,全身像是轻了好多好多,那是一种从来没有的感觉!谢谢你! Elly I love You! 是你的灵力将我多年的枷锁卸下了。 多谢多谢 -Tammy . This is an amzing experience, I always felt that I own someone somthing, after one spiritual consulting session with you,  I feel so much light in my body and never had this experience before.  Thank you, Elly I love you. The shackle has been hold me down for many years finally released. Thank you so much -by Tammy

"Lots of "activity" so no opportunity to converse about the eternal - if you know what I mean. " after one fengshui swith Elly and getting together with someone has been a lot of fun in advancing my relationship sector. " - Donna

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Please send me any questions you may have and will get back to you ASAP. You may attach any blueprint, image, or floor plan of your home or space. 

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